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Lena Rykner was born in 1990 in Belgium and immigrated to Israel in '98.

She is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.

Studied at the High-School Academy of Music & Dance in Jerusalem and graduated with a B.A. from The Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance.

Danced with the Academy Dance Ensemble, the Jerusalem Dance Theater Company and different projects with MASH Dance House among others at Theater Freiburg.

Since 2014 dancer at the Rina Schenfeld Dance Theater in Tel Aviv and creates choreographies of her own: "Inside-Out" (Amsterdam 2017), "STUFF" (Jerusalem, January 2019), "Pas de Trois" (Jerusalem Art festival, April 2019), "Touch what is not" a collaboration with painter Nofar Mualem - residency at Studio Of Her Own (Jerusalem 2022) and “ALMA MATER” collaboration with Denise Klein with the support of 'Yael'- Association for independent creative artists in Jerusalem and the Dance Department of the Jerusalem Municipality (Anima Mundi Festival, Venice 2022).
She has been invited with her solo "STUFF" and performed at Anima Mundi during Venice Biennale with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports, at ODT Festival Singapore in 2019 and Jerusalem Art Festival in 2021, was selected to be performed in 2020 at festivals in Vienna, Minsk and Taipei (postponed due to Covid).

Lena Rykner is a member of 'Yael'- Association for independent creative artists in Jerusalem.

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