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ALMA MATER is a duet of mother and daughter.
Denise Klein and Lena Rykner in a joint work about the bond of mother and daughter which deals with connection, communication and transmission between generations.
The duet consists of the individuality of each one and the oscillation between together and apart. Each one with her own movement language creating together a dialogue and sharing between them.

The piece reflects the love and natural relation and interaction between them, the personal development and the evolution of the relationship.
The expression, transmission and preservation of roots, heritage and culture, from generation to generation.


The choice of Baroque music resonates with the various aspects of the piece.. the pulsing rhythm reflecting the organic nature of the connection, the Latin Cum Dederit Psalm 27 reflects the spiritual aspect of motherhood and origins, and Bach's music in dialogue and harmony between instruments representing communication and interaction.


The duet is a tribute to the bond of mother and child and a celebration of life, personal and universal at the same time.

Alma mater (Latin: 'nourishing mother') is an allegorical Latin expression.
Currently used to identify a school, college or university that one formerly attended. Before its current use, Alma mater was an honorific title for various mother goddesses.

Choreography and performance: Denise Klein & Lena Rykner

Music: Vivaldi - Cum Dederit, Bach - Cembalo Concerto & Violin Concerto no.1

Costumes: Denise Klein

Duration: 12 min.

Premiere: 12.5.2022 at Anima Mundi Festival - Venice Biennale

* Created with the support of 'Yael'- Association for independent creative artists in Jerusalem and the Dance Department of the Jerusalem Municipality

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