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Stuff: things, matter, essence, material, substance, object, package and nonsense.

"STUFF" is about thoughts, feelings and experiences that are collected but also asking to be released. They are expressed through body language deriving from an inner world and outer influences, musical choices, and the definition and meaning of the word Stuff.

The props: two boxes filled with "stuff" that translates and represents symbols and personal associations.

The movement language is an alternation of soft fluent moves along sharp bursts, moving in space versus suspended postures.
The music and soundtrack evoke and illustrate different inspirations, emotions and atmospheres.

With subtle allegories to the Human Condition, "STUFF" takes the audience on a journey of an emotional and uplifting experience that stays on after the performance.
It is a dance piece about Life, personal and universal at the same time.

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on" W. Shakespeare

Choreography and performance: Lena Rykner
Music: Grayson Matthews, Soundtrack- Woody Allen, Henry Purcell, Franz Liszt
Duration: 13 min.
Premier: 31.1.2019 at MASH Dance House, Jerusalem, Israel

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