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Pas de Trois


Relationships between three friends with closeness, complexity and different dynamics.

A piece inspired by a film from the French New Wave era with an emphasis on the contrast between the meanings of the lyrics about the storm of life and the light melody.
The work is not a dance adaptation of the film but a starting point, it is not a reconstruction of the film, but an inspiration from the friendships in the film, and a combination of clues to key scenes (the running scene, costumes and more).

The dance is built on changes of forms and atmosphere, which are expressed by music and movements. Like music, dance also includes variation on the theme with repetitive movement patterns.

“Pas de Trois” is a tribute to friendship, the art of French cinema and the legendary actress Jeanne Moreau.

Choreography: Lena Rykner
Dancers: Tzvika Iskias, Vibhor Dev and Lena Rykner

Music: "Le tourbillon de la Vie" - Serge Rezvani

Screening: excerpts from "Jules and Jim"- Francois Truffaut, 1962

Duration: 11 min.

Premiere: 7.4.2019 at the Jerusalem Art Festival, Israel


* Supported by "Yael"- Association for independent creative artists in Jerusalem

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